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Michael Moylan

Michael Moylan came to the school to talk to the boys about World War 2. The boys learned about WW11 and saw costumes, artefacts armour and weapons from the war. Everyone enjoyed dressing up and learning about it. Click here to see pictures.

World War One in Room 1

The boys in Room 1 have been studying the First World War and as part of their work they have created presentations on the subject. Take a look, click on “Read More” and then……Click Here.  


Ms. Nolan’s 3rd Class learned all about Tutankhamun.  Here is part of the lesson we learned. Tutankhamun was born around 1341 BC.  He became a Pharaoh at nine years old.  He died around the year 1323 BC when he was about eighteen years old.  Most Pharaohs’ tombs were huge, but Tutankhamun’s was so small that…

Round Towers

Round Towers are old buildings. Monks went there if enemies were coming. There wasn’t any doors on the round towers. There was only a little square window quarter the way up the building. Nowadays we do not need them because there are no Vikings.  We have monks and nuns living in convents and monasteries. Nuns…

Irish History Live – Fourth Class

Today Michael Moylan came to our school and entertained our boys with his exciting story telling. Stories from the past came to life with yarns that captivated, enthralled, terrified and amazed the boys. He brought with him a variety of costumes and weapons that the boys could see and handle. Stories were adapted to suit the different…

History Live: 5th Class

As part of Arts Week 2013 we were treated to a great demonstration of arms and armour from history. The pictures below show some of the boys from 5th class learning about weapons from World War I and World War II.