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W.O.W. / C.O.W. Day 24.04.’13

One class in particular made a very determined effort to walk or cycle to school today.     95% of the class supported the event. The winning class this week is Mr Mulrooney’s Fourth Class. Well Done to ALL who made the effort.  

W.O.W. / C.O.W. Day 17.04.’13

Even though the weather was not very inviting today some of our boys walked or cycled to school today. Ms Nolan’s Third Class made a big effort with over 80% of the boys braving the elements. They are the proud winners of the Golden Boot this week. Well Done to ALL who took part.

W.O.W. / C.O.W. Days

WOW RULES 1. Children & staff must walk or cycle to school on WOW days if they wish to be counted. Walking home from school will not be counted. 2. For children who live too far from town to walk all of the way to school, they must at least walk from Supermacs The Cathedral…

W.O.W. / C.O.W. Days

From Wednesday 17th April car pooling will no longer be included in our W.O.W. days Boys will be encouraged to walk or cycle to school on Wednesdays. This is to promote a healthy life style. Boys can walk from the traffic lights at the entrance to the Parkmore Estate near the supermarket, the Cathedral car park…

W.O.W. / C.O.W. Day 10.04.0’13

We had our first W.O.W. Day this term. A high percentage of people supported the return of this project. The winning class this week is Mr Birmingham’s Fourth Class. 86% of the class walked, cycled or car pooled. Well Done to ALL who took part and made the effort.

Food Dudes

Today is the last day of Phase 1 of our Food Dudes Programme.  The boys are asked  to return their completed Home Packs tomorrow. Any boy who returns a completed Home Pack will receive a prize. Phase 2 starts tomorrow Thursday 7th February. We have been very pleased with Phase 1. The boys were very…

Arts Week

Another fabulous entry for our Arts Week Art Competition. Anthony made this giant leek.

Arts Week

We are all looking forward to Arts Week in our School. It starts next Monday 4th of February. The Brochures for Arts Week went home today and we are going to have a fun packed week.Boys have been invited tomake a 3D Food Character using recycled materials or a poster based on the slogan I…