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Green School Project 2014

The theme for our sixth Green Flag is Global Citizenship Litter and Waste. We are currently working on this theme. Citizenship most often relates to being a member of a nation state (country) but it can also relate to being a member of a union of states, like the European Union, or even to the…

Biodiversity Quiz – December 2013

We are applying for our sixth Green Flag. As part of the project we have created a new page on our website. If you would like to do our Biodiversity Quiz please click on the Biodiversity tab under our Header Banner and complete the nine multiple choice questions or click on Read More and click here

Biodiversity Art Competition – December 2013

As part of our Green School Project we are having a Art Competition.The theme, for this our sixth green flag, is Biodiversity. Some fabulous prizes can be won. Some boys have already put a lot of time and effort in their picture. To view some of the submitted pictures please click on Read More then…

W.O.W. Day! 13-11-13

Yet another draw for the Golden Boot this week in St. Pats! Ms. Conneely’s 5th class managed to hold onto their title as Golden Boot winners from the previous week, but Ms McGuires 2nd class pulled out all the stops this week and managed to make it a tie. Well done to all the lads…

Green Fingers in Ms Conneely’s 5th Class

Last week, we got to go planting bulbs in our local park in Tuam. We set off on a very wet and miserable Thursday with Mr. Birmingham and met with some of the members of the County Council. They showed us the area we were going to plant our bulbs in. They also explained to…

W.O.W. / C.O.W Day 12.06.’13

Today was our last W.O.W. / C.O.W day for this term. As usual a high percentage of the boys walked or cycled to school. We had two winning classes again this week. The winning classes were Ms Doherty’s second class and Mr Mulrooney’s fourth class. Well done to ALL of the boys who took part.…

W.O.W. / C.O.W. day – 8th May 2013

Even though the weather was not very inviting this morning one of our classes made a very determined effort to support our Green School Project. 95% of the boys walked or cycled to school today. This week the winning class is Mr Birmingham’s Fourth Class. Well done to ALL who took part.

W.O.W. Day 01.05.’13

For the second week running Mr Mulrooney’s Fourth class are the proud winners of the Golden Boot. Well done to ALL who made the effort to walk or cycle to school.