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Halloween Art

There is some fabulous Halloween Art on display in our school. Click here to have a look at the boys work.

Halloween Door Competition

Our Halloween door competition proved a great success. Congratulations to Ms. Barrett’s 5th class who won with a truly gruesome and scary door. Thanks to the parents council for the prizes.


Each of us in Ms. Nolan’s 3rd class brought an old sock in to school.  Using old buttons, scraps of material, wool and other materials we created these fun puppets. 

Ms McGuire’s 2nd Class Art Work

Kenya We made African inspired pottery from clay and painted them using African designs.To see some of the photographs of the pots we made please click on this link Pots We have been learning about the traditional Maasai tribe in Kenya. We painted Maasai necklaces and masks. We also constructed and painted pictures of Maasai…

Ms McGuire’s Second Class

Valentine’s Day 2014 We iced and decorated valentines buns for our valentines last Friday. We used buttercream frosting from a piping bag. We painted valentine cards by making a rose like print with a stamp made from celery. To see some more of our work please click on Read More then on the link Click Here…

Biodiversity Art Competition – December 2013

As part of our Green School Project we are having a Art Competition.The theme, for this our sixth green flag, is Biodiversity. Some fabulous prizes can be won. Some boys have already put a lot of time and effort in their picture. To view some of the submitted pictures please click on Read More then…

Art Workshop – December 2013

On December 6th lots of parents came to the 2nd class art workshop. It was a great day and the parents and children created beautiful cards and Christmas wreaths. We hope to have more workshops like this later in the year. To see more photographs of this event please click Read More then click here