Green Fingers in Ms Conneely’s 5th Class

Last week, we got to go planting bulbs in our local park in Tuam. We set off on a very wet and miserable Thursday with Mr. Birmingham and met with some of the members of the County Council. They showed us the area we were going to plant our bulbs in. They also explained to us about the bulbs we were going to plant. They were Butterfly bulbs and Bee bulbs. We all had a trowel and set off in our pairs digging holes in our area and planting our bulbs. One side of the bulb had hairy roots and the other side had a pointy top. Some of the bulbs smelled like onions or garlic! When we were planting, we made sure that the roots, or the hairy part of the bulb, went into the hole first, and the pointy top was at the top facing out at us. We then put the dirt back in on top of the bulb and patted it hard into the ground using our trowels and even gave them a good stamp with our feet! We planted all our bulbs really close to one another so that they would have a better chance of growing or germinating, and also so that the butterflies and bees would have a better chance of gathering pollen from them when the flowers blossom from the bulbs in Spring. We had a great time planting our bulbs, even in the wet and cold weather! The muck didn’t bother any of our wonderful gardeners! Bhíomar salach ó bhun go barr!