Edmodo at St. Pats

Edmodo_logo.svgAs part of our participation in the Living Schools Lab Project we are rolling out Edmodo across the school. Edmodo is a social learning platform, often described as the Facebook of education, which allows teachers, students and parents to connect in a safe and controlled environment appropriate for schools.
Edmodo has over 28,000,000 users worldwide and is growing all the time.
It allows the students in each class to take their learning beyond the classroom. Through completing assignments, answering quizzes, watching videos, posting comments etc students are encouraged to become more engaged with their learning, and to earn special Edmodo badges as a reward for their efforts.

Parents can keep in touch with what their children are doing on Edmodo by setting up a parent account, using the parent code that is provided with each student account. This parent account gives each parent access to their child’s, and only their child’s account. We would encourage all parents to use their parent code to log into Edmodo and look around! Just click on the link in the links section of this website.

From the students point of view Edmodo is a new, fun and interesting way to learn.