Football League

Since the return to St Pats in September, the footballers have been making the most of the fine weather and training very hard in preparation for the 7’s blitz that we will we be taking part in over the next couple of months. Our very diligent trainers, Mr. Mulrooney, Mr. Birmingham, Mr. Crowe and Ms. Conneely decided to put the lads to the test and organized an inter-school type league! We divided the boys into 4 teams. Each team played 3 games against each other, and a final was had based on scores. In the end, after a gruelling semi-final where one team had to beat the other by 8 points, Jack and James’ teams made it to the final. The boys showed excellent displays of skill, agility and strength throughout all of the matches. The final was like a match played in Croke Park, full of suspense, tension and extreme skill with both teams battling it to the final whistle. James’ team got the edge in the end though, winning by a single point. Well done to all involved in the league. It’s looking to be a good year of football in St. Pats!