Most Improved Swimmer – 2013

Today was the last day for swimming lessons. A very coveted award was presented to the boy who it was felt improved the most from September 2012 – June 2013.

This year the proud winner was a boy in fourth class. He was  presented with a lovely trophy, a card and a class photograph.

Brilliant achievement. Well Done.

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I started swimming lessons in September 2012. My instructors were called Lisa and Aisling, they are very good. I was a bit nervous at first but I am very confident in the water. I go every Wednesday morning for an hour, sometimes I get tired but I enjoy it .

I finished my lessons on June 13, 2013.The instructors presented me with a special trophy for being the most improved swimmer in the whole school. I was so happy to receive it and my family are very proud of me. I hope to continue swimming over the summer months and to start lessons again in September.