Paper Airplanes

Making Paper Airplanes

In Geography we were studying about raw materials being recycled. We talked about the paper trail and watched a video on a paper recycling factory. We decided we would reuse paper ourselves. We looked at the Japanese art of paper folding called origami. We decided as a class to make paper planes. Making paper airplanes was fun. Teacher gave us these cool sheets to make them.

It was hard at first to figure out what to do  but then  teacher , Paula and Ms Conneelly helped us to make them. There were ten different types of planes to make. The names of the planes were, The Hawk, The Jet, High Flier, The Spinner, The Eagle, The Glider, The Shadow, The Falcon, Air-stream and The Arrow. The fastest airplanes were the falcon and the high flier. We had a great time with our airplanes in the hall.

By Darragh and Louis.

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