Confirmation – April 2013

Congratulations to the boys in Sixth Class who were confirmed on Saturday.

Pats conf

On the 20th of April, the 6th classes of Tuam made their confirmation.  St. Pats and the Pres made theirs together at eleven and Gaeilscoil, Mercy and Gardenfield made theirs together at two.

A week before the confirmation my Dad booked a hotel for a party after my confirmation.  That day my family and I got our clothes for the confirmation.  I got my hair cut on Sunday evening.  I was ready for my confirmation.

It was the day of my confirmation.  I was nervous, when I got to the church it was packed.  My friends and I brought up symbols at the beginning of the mass.  After a while the Bishop blessed me with the oil of chrism.  My sponsor and parents were proud.  After the mass ended I got a picture with the Bishop.

My family and I went to the hotel after the mass.  We had a lovely meal in the Árd Rí House Hotel.  We stayed for an hour or two after the meal and then we went home.

That night I stayed up late with my family.  I’ll never forget that day, it was great fun.

By Brian Mannion (Mr. Crowe’s 6th Class)