World Champion in St.Pat’s

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Former World Boxing Champion Bernard Dunne visited St.Pats on Tuesday Nov. 24th. He talked to our 6th classes.
Bernard pointed out that it didn’t matter who you were or where you came from as long as you believed in yourself and worked hard to reach your potential. When asked about his most important fight he surprised the boys by explaining that it was one that he had lost to Chico Martinez. This had taught him more than all of his previous victories. The boys in 6th certainly enjoyed the morning and he in turn paid them a nice compliment by saying that they were the most attentive group that he had ever given the talk to. Bernard also highlighted his grá for Gaeilge and as a fluent speaker he was delighted to launch our plean Gaeilge nua. The final message he had for the boys was not to be better than others but to be your best self.

Bernard was then kind enough to buy the first ticket for our 50/50 draw.