Ms Conway’s Class

Room 5 read about Pablo Picasso in their English reader.

He was born in Spain.From a young age he liked to draw pictures on the walls of his home!!

His dad was an Art teacher.  Picasso attended his Art school.

Picasso is most well known for painting faces.  He liked to change the shapes and positions of the facial features to make the pictures look funny.

Some people love his work but some people think it is silly!

Ms. Conway’s 2nd class were inspired by Picasso’s work to do some mixed up faces of their own!

Below You can see some of the work that Picasso’s work  inspired them to create.

Included in the slide show you will see a variety of art work that they have created in school and at home.

birthday cakes 

snowmen ‘A Winter Wonderland’….a way to recycle old socks!

Niyi and Boris worked together to produce a poster for Art’s Week based on the theme ‘We Love Our Country’-

Pictures of the boys with some of their 3D fruit and vegetables for Art’s week in conjunction with Food Dude

Ms. Conway’s 2nd class found inspiration in an English poem ‘Upside Down’ to make our own creepie crawlies

Using potatoes for printing the boys in room 5 produced patterned covers for their copies.