Gordon D’Arcy visits St.Pats

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On Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th of January, the environmental artist Gordon D’Arcy visited St.Pats. He treated some classes to wonderful walks around the town. Gordon pointed out features of nature that we pass by everyday without noticing. Some classes visited Temple Jarlath while others followed a nature trail down by the river Nanny. On our travels we came across wagtails, rooks, greycrows, blackbirds, robins, wood pigeons, thrushes and a magnificent heron. We also saw many varieties of plants and trees as well as a large colony of snails sleeping in the sheltered parts of an old ash tree. Gordon was able to show us witches broom which is found in birch trees and he also explained to us how fossils came to be formed. On Friday Gordon held some of his classes inside and amazed us with his beautiful drawings of Irish nature. We have learned a lot from Gordon’s visit and thoroughly enjoyed his stories and artwork.

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