Ms. Nolan’s 3rd Class learned all about Tutankhamun.  Here is part of the lesson we learned.

Tutankhamun was born around 1341 BC.  He became a Pharaoh at nine years old.  He died around the year 1323 BC when he was about eighteen years old.  Most Pharaohs’ tombs were huge, but Tutankhamun’s was so small that no one discovered it for thousands of years.

In 1922 AD, an English archaeologist called Howard Carter discovered the tomb.  A bag of gold rings was found lying on the floor.  It is thought that robbers may have broken into the tomb soon after Tutankhamun’s death, but they got disturbed and fled – dropping the bag of rings as they ran.  Thousands of other treasures were found inside the tomb, including a gold mask of Tutankhamun’s face.

In art class we each created our own Tutankhamun’s mask. SAM_1225SAM_1226SAM_1227SAM_1230