Monthly Archives: February 2013

Arts Week – The Circus came to school

We had yet another brilliant day today. The circus came to school. We were taught a number of different skills that they use in the circus. We could all take part and put our skills to the test. It was great fun.

Food Dudes

Today is the last day of Phase 1 of our Food Dudes Programme.  The boys are asked  to return their completed Home Packs tomorrow. Any boy who returns a completed Home Pack will receive a prize. Phase 2 starts tomorrow Thursday 7th February. We have been very pleased with Phase 1. The boys were very…

Irish History Live – Fourth Class

Today Michael Moylan came to our school and entertained our boys with his exciting story telling. Stories from the past came to life with yarns that captivated, enthralled, terrified and amazed the boys. He brought with him a variety of costumes and weapons that the boys could see and handle. Stories were adapted to suit the different…

History Live: 5th Class

As part of Arts Week 2013 we were treated to a great demonstration of arms and armour from history. The pictures below show some of the boys from 5th class learning about weapons from World War I and World War II.

Arts Week

Another fabulous entry for our Arts Week Art Competition. Anthony made this giant leek.

Credit Union Quiz 2013

We are the proud winners of the Credit Union Quiz. Well Done to ALL the boys that took part in preparing for this event. Below you can see a picture of the winning team.

Food Dudes

We are currently working on a Food Dudes Programme in our school. Each day we are given the opportunity to eat a piece of fruit and veg. If we eat a portion of each we receive a reward. This is a fun way to introduce fruit and veg into our diet. We made some Fun…