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Science Week

Last week was Science week and the boys were busy learning about science and doing experiments. Click here to see some of the fun 2nd class had! They learned about static electricity, how an orange floats, and how to make a lava lamp and an erupting Volcano.

Biodiversity Quiz – December 2013

We are applying for our sixth Green Flag. As part of the project we have created a new page on our website. If you would like to do our Biodiversity Quiz please click on the Biodiversity tab under our Header Banner and complete the nine multiple choice questions or click on Read More and click here

Green Fingers in Ms Conneely’s 5th Class

Last week, we got to go planting bulbs in our local park in Tuam. We set off on a very wet and miserable Thursday with Mr. Birmingham and met with some of the members of the County Council. They showed us the area we were going to plant our bulbs in. They also explained to…

Ms Nolan’s Class – Experiment

Experiment. What you need: warm water, 2 jars the same size, salt, 2 eggs, a teaspoon.   What to do: 1. Pour equal amounts of water into the 2 jars. 2. Put  5 teaspoons of salt into one of the jars and stir the water until the  salt had dissolved. 3.Gently put an egg into…

Science Work

Here are some of the 4th class boys, busy with science work. At the moment 3rd and 4th classes are putting together a folder for the ‘Award of Science Excellence’. Some of the work includes- designing paper bridges, making paper helicopters, checking the temperature outdoors and examining local trees for ‘bud burst’.