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Green School Project 2014

The theme for our sixth Green Flag is Global Citizenship Litter and Waste. We are currently working on this theme. Citizenship most often relates to being a member of a nation state (country) but it can also relate to being a member of a union of states, like the European Union, or even to the…

Ms McGuire’s Dance Class

The music for this video comes from ‘The Eye of The Tiger’ by Survivor 1982 (Just Dance 2). All rights belong to their respective owners. Please click on Read More to see video.

Olympic Handball – 2013

  Congratulations to our Olympic Handball team, were crowned county champions, on December 3rd.. We were undefeated in 8 matches over two tournaments. This may suggest that the opposition were weak, but this is not the case. All games went down to the wire.  In fact, two of our matches went to extra time, and…

Biodiversity Art Competition – December 2013

As part of our Green School Project we are having a Art Competition.The theme, for this our sixth green flag, is Biodiversity. Some fabulous prizes can be won. Some boys have already put a lot of time and effort in their picture. To view some of the submitted pictures please click on Read More then…

Fundraising Event December 2013

Today we were encouraged to come to school wearing a Christmas jumper or Christmas colours. We were asked to make a donation for the people in the Philippines who are suffering great hardship at this time. To see some of our colourful photographs please click here …..

Art Workshop – December 2013

On December 6th lots of parents came to the 2nd class art workshop. It was a great day and the parents and children created beautiful cards and Christmas wreaths. We hope to have more workshops like this later in the year. To see more photographs of this event please click Read More then click here 

Edmodo at St. Pats

As part of our participation in the Living Schools Lab Project we are rolling out Edmodo across the school. Edmodo is a social learning platform, often described as the Facebook of education, which allows teachers, students and parents to connect in a safe and controlled environment appropriate for schools. Edmodo has over 28,000,000 users worldwide…