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Ms McGuire’s Dance Class

The music for this video comes from ‘The Eye of The Tiger’ by Survivor 1982 (Just Dance 2). All rights belong to their respective owners. Please click on Read More to see video.

Christmas 2013

  Today the boys took part in our Christmas Carol Service. Once again it was an outstanding success. To see some more photographs of the boys in their costumes please click Read More them Click Here

Fundraising Event – Typhoon Haiyan

Typhoon Haiyan, a powerful tropical cyclone, devastated parts of the Philippines in early November this year. Thousands of people were injured or killed with millions being affected, many of whom were left homeless.We, here in Saint Pat’s, held a fundraising event to show care and support for the people left suffering. Mr Lane presented  Mr…

Biodiversity Quiz – December 2013

We are applying for our sixth Green Flag. As part of the project we have created a new page on our website. If you would like to do our Biodiversity Quiz please click on the Biodiversity tab under our Header Banner and complete the nine multiple choice questions or click on Read More and click here

Fundraising Event December 2013

Today we were encouraged to come to school wearing a Christmas jumper or Christmas colours. We were asked to make a donation for the people in the Philippines who are suffering great hardship at this time. To see some of our colourful photographs please click here …..

Ms Nolan’s Class – Experiment

Experiment. What you need: warm water, 2 jars the same size, salt, 2 eggs, a teaspoon.   What to do: 1. Pour equal amounts of water into the 2 jars. 2. Put  5 teaspoons of salt into one of the jars and stir the water until the  salt had dissolved. 3.Gently put an egg into…