Class Toy Farm

Tractors 025


This is our Combine Harvester.   It makes silage.  It puts the silage  into the  trailer.  The Deutz Fahr 750 is a great tractor for making silage on the wagon.  The Massey Ferguson  is good  for  pulling  210  loads.  The Jumbo Wagon is a great machine for silage.  JCB  416s Farm  Master  is great for moving the silage up on the  pit. The Fusion makes 50 to 60 bales in one wrap. The  Class  is   good  when  you  want  to  pull  bales. The Slurry Tanker  holds 2000 litres. The  Bale  Trailer  hold  24  bales  in  one  load.  The  cows get  milked  every  day  and  the milk  truck comes to  collected  the milk. The mower cuts the grass.

By :  Stephen and Daniel 3rd Class Rm 8

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