His name is Wong Ming and he lives in Wong Ming Central.

Wong Ming sells noodles and his best friend is JJ the unicorn.

There were other noodle sellers that he was competing with.  Kung Pow was the emperor of a chicken skewer factory.

Wong Ming thought that Kung Pow was a rotten fraud, even though they were brother.

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When they were children, they had a big fight and Kung Pow reversed into Wong Ming in a van.

Another time, they were eating Chinese food and they got into an argument.

Kung Pow said that Kung Pow chicken was better and Wong Ming said that noodles were better.

Ever since then, they have been sworn enemies.

“My stupid brother opened his own industry just to show that Kung Pow chicken is better,” said Wong Ming to JJ.

“Remember when you opened a few years ago?” said JJ the unicorn, “Kung Pow stole the prize of the best factory from you then.  You should really put your heart into it and try to win the prize back”.

“I will create Noodley, a living noodle, to try and win the prize back!” said Wong Ming.  JJ thought this was a great idea.

Wong Ming got to work straight away.  He made a huge cauldron.  Wong Ming threw some cactus, frog, extra spicy noodles and some sauces into the cauldron.

Bang!  Noodley came to life.  Wong Ming and JJ were stunned.

Noodley was magnificent.  He was very agile.  “Hello Mates,” he said.  “I will be your trustworthy servant.”

Wong Ming told Noodley to follow him.  They marched to Kung Pow’s Palace.  Kung Pow was dining on chicken soup.

“Hey, Kung, ready to feel the Pow?”   shouted Wong Ming.  Kung nearly choked when Noodley jumped on his table.  Kung Pow fainted, but woke an hour later.  “I have never seen such a thing,” gasped Kung Pow.  “I have mistaken you very much, brother,” smiled Kung Pow.  “Here you deserve this.”

He gave Wong Ming the prize he got for winning the best factory.  “Thank you,” said Wong Ming.  “Would you care to have some lunch at my house?” asked Wong Ming.  “Certainly,” said Kung Pow, and off they went.

The End