Monthly Archives: March 2014

Mother’s Day Cards

Ms. Nolan’s boys know that Mother’s Day is on Sunday and they each made a beautiful card for their mothers. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers from 3rd Class Room 8.

More Clothes Peg Art from Ms. Nolan’s Class

We  made teapot stands using clothes pegs in our art class.  It was quite tricky putting the pegs together and gluing them at the same time.  It was worth the effort though because we think they are lovely presents for our Mom’s for Mother’s Day.   

We made lovely hay carts out of clothes pegs.  First we glued pegs together to make the floor of the cart.  Then we glued six sets of five pegs together for the sides, front and back.  The two shafts of the cart took eight pegs.  The wheels were the hardest to make.  Finally when the…

Pancake Tuesday in Room 2

Ms. Conneely’s 5th class were very busy giving Jamie Oliver a run for his money today! We made some lovely, light and mouth watering pancakes to celebrate Pancake or Shrove Tuesday. The recipe we used was 1 cup of flour, 2 eggs and then added milk bit by bit until we were satisfied with the…