Monthly Archives: February 2014

Ms McGuire’s 2nd Class Art Work

Kenya We made African inspired pottery from clay and painted them using African designs.To see some of the photographs of the pots we made please click on this link Pots We have been learning about the traditional Maasai tribe in Kenya. We painted Maasai necklaces and masks. We also constructed and painted pictures of Maasai…

Ms McGuire’s Second Class

Valentine’s Day 2014 We iced and decorated valentines buns for our valentines last Friday. We used buttercream frosting from a piping bag. We painted valentine cards by making a rose like print with a stamp made from celery. To see some more of our work please click on Read More then on the link Click Here…

Ms McGuire’s Dance Class

The music for this video comes from ‘The Eye of The Tiger’ by Survivor 1982 (Just Dance 2). All rights belong to their respective owners. Please click on Read More to see video.

Swimming to Success!

This Sunday, the 9th of Februrary, a group of boys from 3rd-6th class will be making the big trek up to the National Aquatics Centre in Dublin to take part in relay races and also some solo competitions in the All Ireland School’s Swimming Finals. Our Junior Team swimmers are Ronan Colleran, Conor Heneghan, Boris…

Rainbow Mosaics

Spring is here! Using scraps of sugar paper Ms. Nolan’s 3rd class boys created lovely colourful spring rainbows. Firstly they outlined the arc shapes on white paper, then they carefully pasted in the correct colour pieces of sugar paper between the lines. This resulted in these lovely spring rainbows!